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Squat Teal it Hurts

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Your personality in a word? Positive. Your feeds are full of quotes galore, Caribbean beaches, and the perfect world of fitspo. You like your workouts with a side of style, and you’ve never met a pair of sneakers you could resist. I’m not mad, babe, I’m impressed. Want a new goal? Keep your insides healthy with some h20 to go. And look – I match your spin class schedule. #Winning.

9.5 inches 2.8 inches 14.3 ounces 20 ounces


Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

90-day warranty because accidents happen

Perfect mouth size for drinking, ice cubes and fruit

Fits in cupholders for an easy traveling companion

It’s time to rise and shine and greet the morning your favorite way — by getting your heart pumping.

Jump on that cycle and bust through the empty streets while the others are lazily hitting their snooze alarms. No rest for you — your passion can’t be contained. So classy, even when you glow with beads of hard work. And through it all, you have me — your teal glass water bottle complete with silicone sleeve. Carry me when you roam from home, and I’ll get you through your toughest dawn training.

Your secret is safe within my teal glass water bottle walls. I know you skip those boring luncheons with colleagues for quick workouts at the gym. They’re flapping their lips while you’re burning some serious calories.

Remember to replenish your store of energy with lots of water and a healthy snack on the go. Might I remind you that you bought those protein bars for good reason? Wash one down with some chilled-to-the-bone cucumber-mint coconut water before heading back to the office for the afternoon grind.

Frustrations Need Not Apply

You’re not a complainer — you’re a doer. It’s why you commune with nature when the workday’s over. You don’t gripe. You don’t stress. You take in the surf, the mountains, the wind and the flowers. Nature’s your thing, and you can’t get enough of the outdoors.

Whether it’s warm and wonderful or snowy and splendid, you’re outside having a powwow with Mother Earth. And as your totally reusable glass water bottle, I dig the effort. My goal is to keep you hydrated and glowing, minus the toxins of plastic bottles.

Promise me you’ll be sure to drink up and not forget your BFF before you walk out the door for your fun escape.

Kick Back and Relax for the Night

You’re cozy and warm tucked in between the sheets — and if you find yourself slightly parched in the wee hours, you have me close by. Sleep tight, queen. I got you covered.


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