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Stone Cold Fox


Oh, those eyes — intense and unforgettable. One look from you, and I melt under your gaze. You’re the HBIC — Head Babe In Charge, and I’m lucky to get to watch you oversee your kingdom.

I get it, babe: you’re made of the strong stuff. Your lunges are second to none and you’re queen of the jab, jab, hook. Keep your eyes on the prize with minimal distractions, because you color your life with grit, guts and goals, goals, goals. I’m just here to keep you hydrated, in my matching tone of grey.

9.5 inches 2.8 inches 14.3 ounces 20 ounces


Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

90-day warranty because accidents happen

Perfect mouth size for drinking, ice cubes and fruit

Fits in cupholders for an easy traveling companion

Bring on That Bad Side That’s Oh-So-Good

Let’s hit the scene together — I can keep up with your packed schedule. Kick-boxing, crushing goals at work, tapas and margaritas with the girls — and then we’ll do it all over again the next day. No one will dare to cross us because they’ll know we’re the real deal. One look is all it takes to see that we’re a dynamite team. You take care of the focus, and I’ll take care of the hydration.

Of course, we both know you’re a bit of a chameleon. Your cool exterior hides some serious sass, and that leaves me totally stoked. You don’t have to pretend with me, though. You can be your bad-but-good self from morning to noon to night. I’ll keep your secret.

So go ahead, sign up for that 5 a.m. spin class, or stay out later to indulge in that second glass of Chardonnay. I’m your grey glass water bottle that stays on the chill side, even if you’re burnin’ the candle at both ends. It’s all good.

A stunner like you deserves options, and I’m the water bottle to give them to you. I can handle any libation you throw my way, from a cucumber-lime mocktail to a kale-banana smoothie with a kiwi twist.

Ditch the Pretenders — Stick With the Real Thing

I get it. You’ve been hurt in the past. Those fake, plastic bottles did a number on your heart and lips, leaving you thirsty for something to believe in. Ditch them for the real thing — a grey glass water bottle that’s made for the long haul.

Stop the cycle of relationship let-downs, babe. I’m here to stay and ready to please. Just say the word, and I’m amped to go. The things we’ll accomplish together are endless.


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