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Dishwasher Safe Water Bottles

Keepin’ It Clean

We all know what happens when you drink from a cheap plastic water bottle. Once the water’s gone, it’s into the recycling bin… or the trash. Millions of those bottles are clogging our planet, and the only way to stop them is by turning to a dishwasher safe alternative. You’re looking at him, babe.

I love a good scrubbing, because I’m made to be reused. I’m not a throwaway object or a fly-by-night partner. I’m in our relationship for the long haul, and that means I’m ready to play my part. A good bath or shower revives me and keeps me ready to protect your fave refreshing drinks long into the future.

Squeaky, Bright and Sassy

You already know I come in bright and splashy colors, but did you know that I’m also safe for cleaning along with your forks and spoons? I’m a dishwasher safe water bottle, and that means you can prop me up and let me get completely sanitized.

You don’t have to remove my colorful silicone sleeve all the time, but when you do, it’s cool. I won’t throw shade on you for slipping me out of the sleeve and washing us separately in the dishwasher. You do what you have to in order to keep our relationship alive and healthy. You’re the one in charge, my princess. I’m here to do your bidding.

No Toxins, No Yuck, Just Flavor

I offer 20 ounces of dishwasher safe water bottle sipping power, and I’m focused on flavor. That’s why I clean up so beautifully. I want to make sure that whether you fill me with strawberries and H2O, or an avocado-lime smoothie, I bring you only good taste. From the first gulp to the last sip, you’ll only pick up on the flavor hints of your beverages, never any of the nasties you’d get from plastic bottles.

You spend your day doing your body right by eating local and hitting the yoga studio, and you don’t deserve a non-committed throw-away bottle to bring toxins into your life. I’m made in America with FDA-approved materials like borosilicate glass, recyclable silicone and recyclable, food-grade polypropylene plastic. No chance that you’ll find anything but purity in whatever I hold.  

Put Your Water Where Your Heart Is

I know the earth is important to you. It’s important to me, too. When you buy any of my stylish dishwasher safe water bottles, I’ll be sure to give 10 percent of the profits to an ocean-friendly nonprofit. That way, we can keep your water clear, as well as the planet’s. Let’s save the world together.
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