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Reusable Glass Water Bottles

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Looking for a Long-Term Relationship?

Tired of fly-by-night plastic water bottles that are good for one date, and not much more? Get off the rollercoaster, babe. It’s time to match up with a reusable glass water bottle that gets you.

I’m ready to be there for you morning, noon and night, and I’m not planning on going anywhere. You can be sure that I’ll support you all day — from that six o’clock spin class to the twilight walks in the park. We’ll go around the city, the country and the planet, if you like. I’m always game to do what you want.

Come Back to the Best

I get it. You’ve tried other water bottles. At first, they seem like a good match for you, but in the end, they just let you down. Break the cycle.

It’s time to come home to the best BPA-free reusable water bottle you can find. I’m a made-in-America original, complete with interchangeable silicone sleeves in colors almost as vibrant as your personality. Together, we’ll go kick boxing and seashell hunting — the sky’s the limit.

Crisp and Clean for Life

You want your fave drinks to stay toxin-free and true to their natural flavors. So do I. That’s why I’m made so you can pop me into the dishwasher, and just relax with some you-time while I take my shower. Feel free to keep my silicone sleeve on my sleek, aerodynamic body, or slip off the sleeve and wash us next to each other. Either way, you’ll get me back — sparkling and ready for our next adventure.

Can those mediocre plastic water bottles live up to such promises? Not to throw shade their way, but I think you know the answer, babe.

Save the Planet, One Sip at a Time

Want to know a special secret? Every time you buy one of my reusable glass water bottles, you’re making Mother Earth a happier gal. A full 10 percent of each bottle’s profit goes directly to an ocean-friendly non-profit. And that’s something that will make you feel as good as you do after completely owning your Barre class.

I come in tons of colors, so it’s easy to pick the one that’s gonna make your day, night and everything in between. Buy me online, and I’ll rush to your door so we can start our selfie-worthy hang out sessions ASAP. We’ll be #relationshipgoals instantly. I can’t wait.

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