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Silicone Sleeve Water Bottles 

Enough is enough — no more sips of lukewarm water. I know the types of bottles you’ve hung around with in the past. Those cheap, plastic water bottles that crinkle in your purse and don’t stay cold. I’m here to rescue you. I’m the glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve, and that means you can trust your drink will stay cool as a cucumber, while you’re free to focus on absolutely #killingthegame.

Time to ditch your relationship with the plastics — you deserve a modern glass water bottle with a protective silicone sleeve. That’s where I come in.

Give Toxins the Boot

Bring toxins into your castle? Not a chance. My protective sleeve is made from recyclable silicone and my glass is borosilicate. You never have to stress over any icky stuff getting into your drinks of choice

My goal? For you to live life far away from nasty bioproducts that come with other bottles. I wouldn’t dream of delivering anything but purity to you.

Squeaky Clean Inside and Out

We all get messy sometimes. Getting clean again is half the fun. Toss me into the dishwasher, silicone sleeve and all. I don’t mind a little machine washing.

You don’t even have to separate my silicone sleeve to get me squeaky clean, but you can if you want — I’ll slide right out of it. It’s all up to you, babe. Can those plastic wannabes promise you the same safe results? Not a chance. They’re pretenders. I’m the real deal, and I’m ready to quench your thirst day after day.

Modern, Just Like You

You’re a modern woman, ready to tackle everything from the boardroom to the yoga studio. And I want to be your modern glass water bottle sidekick. Thanks to my good looks and silicone sleeve, you can take me wherever you want. I’m as convenient riding the subway in your brand new cross-body bag as I am hitting the hills for a biking adventure.

I predict great things for us, babe. Let’s see where this relationship goes. All you have to do is choose your fave silicone sleeve color and I’ll arrive right at your door. We’ll live it up day and night, and I promise to never tell that you sometimes prefer a Cosmo to a kale smoothie. Your secrets are safe with me, as are your libations.

You drink up, and I’ll drink in your confidence and all-over beauty. Order me now, and let’s get the party started!

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